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Instant Article Generator Site For Sale, The Best In Demand SaaS Business There Can Ever Be! Purchase Today & Get 100 Article Credits For Free! Visit www.ArticleWriting.Site to see the website in action.

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Instant Article Writing Website, 100% Automated

Our website allows anyone to purchase article keys and then using that article key generate an instant unique & readable article on any topic by just providing a keyword. No more waiting for article writer to write articles or forwarding orders to suppliers. All buyer payments goes directly to you and buyer gets a good article on any topic instantly. Its a win-win situation & you as the site owner does not have to lift a finger.

Here is how it works:

The buy now button allows PayPal payment for purchasing site keys. Once the payment is made, the AWS (Article Writing Site) software automatically generates a one time use article key and send it to buyer’s PayPal or guest checkout email they provided during purchase. After they get the article key, they can use it to generate an instant article (400-500 words) on any topic from the website within seconds. The article writing happens with the help of an automated AI based article article writing tool API, credits for which you can easily purchase whenever needed.

So in simple terms, you purchase the API credits for creating instant articles and then sell it for profit. So if it costs you $1 for a create article API credit, you make $1.5 profit by selling the article key on your site for $2.5 and obviously its your choice on what you wish to charge for the article key. The API credits costs you less and less if you purchase the credits in bulk. You can start with $20 worth of investment or can purchase credits in bulk to get more profit per article key. Its all your choice. We will help you with full setup.

Free Article Credits

Purchase now & get 100 article API credits for free!


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