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Transfer Process For Domain Name & Website

With BuyAWebsite team alongside, the transfer process for any online business or website you purchase form us is a breeze. Our support is there to assist you along the way so if you need any help whatsoever, just contact us.

Domain Name Transfer

The transfer process usually involves transferring of domain name and website. To own the domain name and get it transferred from our account to yours, all you need to do is create a free account (if you don’t have any yet) and provide us with its username. Once that is done, we push the domain name to your account from where you can transfer it to any registrar of your choice or keep it there only.

Once you have the domain name, next is the transfer of website. Most of our websites and stores we sell are based on WordPress which powers over 40% of the global websites so you have 2 options for getting the site transfer done.

Site Transfer – WordPress To WordPress Transfer

In WordPress to WordPress transfer, we transfer the site directly using your WordPress admin panel. Many of the big hosting providers offer WordPress only hosting which is cheap and fast. For example, let’s take NameCheap’s EasyWP hosting ( which allows you to instantly create WP install for any domain name you own. Now that you have the domain name above in your NameCheap account, you can sign up for their EasyWP hosting with the domain name and get WordPress admin panel details within 2 minutes. Once you have that, simply provide us with those details and our team will take care of the rest. Once transfer is complete, the site/store will be running on your own hosting.

Site Transfer – Cpanel Hosting Transfer

If you already have a web hosting account somewhere (or you can always sign up for a small shard hosting monthly plan on or anywhere) then you have to simply provide our team Cpanel login details for your hosting account and our team will take care of the transfer. Once the transfer is done, you will have to point the domain name nameservers to your hosting account so that the site starts loading from your hosting instead of ours.

In both the above transfer types, our team will always be there to assist you in any way needed. And with our 30 days exclusive BAW (BuyAWebsite) email support for our buyers, our team will be there to assist you post transfer as well.